The Wide World of Post Cards

I started collecting postcards when I was a little kid. I have way too many. Enjoy! Thrown into the mix: a few photos I have taken or found, a lot of ballet photos, and a few family photos.

Denis Rodkin - Spartacus. The Bolshoi Ballet tour to NYC, July 2014. Photo by
Oleksii Potiomkin - Royal Winnipeg Ballet & L`viv National Opera. Photograph by Elena Potiomkin
Oleksii Potiomkin and Sophia Lee. Photo by Bruce Monk
Artem Ovcharenko - Summer vacation

Hikaru Kobayashi and Federico Bonelli - The Royal Ballet
Ivan Sehnem Duarte
Nicolas Le Riche in Le jeune homme et la mort. Photo by Ann Ray (Anne Deniau)
Bolshoi dancers Ekaterina Maximova (1 February 1939 - 28 April 2009) and her husband Vladimir Vassiliev (born 18 April 1940) - photo by Serge Lido
Alex MacFarlan - Ballet West. Photo by Beau Pearson.
Chase O’Connell - Ballet West. Photo by Beau Pearson
Denys Ganio and Dominique Khalfouni in L’après-midi d’un faune. Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, Paris, December 1982. 
Their son is Mathieu Ganio.
Photo by Serge Lido.

Marcelo Gomes - Fire Island Dance Festival 2014. Photo by Whitney Browne
Jason Ogao - Naleihulu Hula. Fire Island Dance Festival 2014. Photo by Whitney Browne
Dylan Gutierrez - Joffrey Ballet

Timofej Andrijashenko - Teatro dell’Opera di Roma