The Wide World of Post Cards

I started collecting postcards when I was a little kid. I have way too many. Enjoy! Thrown into the mix: a few photos I have taken or found, a lot of ballet photos, and a few family photos.

Marcelo Gomes - Fire Island Dance Festival 2014. Photo by Whitney Browne
Jason Ogao - Naleihulu Hula. Fire Island Dance Festival 2014. Photo by Whitney Browne
Dylan Gutierrez - Joffrey Ballet

Timofej Andrijashenko - Teatro dell’Opera di Roma
Ivan Vasiliev and  Natalia Osipova - Photo by Stas Levshin
Ivan Vasiliev - American Ballet Theatre – Photo © Stas Levshin
Dmitry Dorokhov - Bolshoi Ballet

Célestin Boutin 2013


Célestin Boutin 2013

Damiano Artale - Fondazione Nazionale della Danza - Aterballetto

Giacomo Bevilacqua
Daniel Conant - photo by Sarah Pinto
Rosella Hightower (10 January 1920 – 4 November 2008)) in Le Moulin Enchanté - Grand Ballet de Monte-Carlo. Photo by Serge Lido, 1950.
Serge Lifar (15 April 1905 - 15 December 1986) - photo by Serge Lido, 1950
Peter Van Dijk (21 August 1929 - 18 January 1997), the outstanding German dancer, who appeared with the “Ballets de France de Janine Charrat” during the season 1953-1954. Photo by Serge Lido in Ballet 4.
Valery Panov, 1976 - born 12 March 1938 - Kirov Ballet. Photo by Daniel S. Sorine. American Postcard Co. Inc.   © 1981